Top 10 Medicare Supplement Plans and Post Retirement Benefits!

Top 10 Medicare Supplement PlansThere are hundreds of options when it comes to Medicare Supplement Plans however they can typically be broken down into the top 10 options. Not everybody qualifies for all of these options because of their retirement status, Health, medical conditions, employment history, Part B start date and location.


Medicare Supplements

MedicareMedicare Supplements Supplement plans coincide with your Medicare Part A and Medicare part B, and pick up where medicare leaves of, depending on the plan you choose. These plans do not cover items out side of the medicare contract, like elective plastic surgery or non-covered medicare expenses. MEDICARE must pay its portion before the private insurance kicks in and then the insurance company will pay their portion of the hospital or medical expenses. Get Quotes


Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage PlansMedicare Advantage plans are popular as they typically have the Lowest monthly premium, but be prepared for out of pocket costs. Many people don’t take the time to under stand the difference between Medicare Advantage and Medigap until it’s to late. Make sure you understand the difference, and be prepared for the out-of pocket expenses that come with a Medicare Advantage. Many people find the overall cost of ownership is greater with an advantage PART C plan.



MEDIGAPMedigap Plans have been standardized for many years, and the PLAN F has been the gold standard of coverage. By 2020 the Medigap Plan F is slated to go away thanks to the more skin in the game approach the government has taken. It is possible that it will remain if TrumpCare can make changes to help seniors keep the richest benefit plan in the industry. Many industry leaders believe the PLAN N will become the next best thing, but it is too early to tell. GOOD NEWS is if you purchase a Medicare PlanF it is believed you will be grandfathered in and allowed to keep it.

Prescription Drug Plans

Prescription Drug PlansMedicare Part D or Medicare Prescription Drug plans are a very important part of the overall cost of healthcare. With the rising cost of prescription drugs and new ones entering the marketplace it is important to have a MEDICARE PART D plan! These plans come as follows:

  • Stand Alone Drug Plan that you purchase to go along with your Medigap plan.
  • Medicare ADVANTAGE / Prescription Drug plan (MAPD) where you purchase an Advantage Plan that is bundled with a DRUG PLAN!
  • Self Pay where you shoulder all the drug costs
  • State or Service care, where their is a state agency or federal service provider that will either pay for your RX plan or help you with your costs.
  • BROWN BAG Prescription SERVICE- this is when the DRUG COMPANY is notified that a recipient does not qualify or can not afford a prescription and delivers it to them in a BROWN BAG PRESCRIPTION help! This is subject to the mercy of the prescription drug companies.

Brown bag Prescription Service

Brown Bag Prescription Service

Medicare Supplement Plan F

Medicare Plan F The Medicare supplement plan F has always been known as the Cadillac of the Medicare supplement plans, it has a sister plan called Medicare supplement plan F high deductible which is the exact same planet except you have a deductible to pay first each year you are on the plan before the MedicareExpenses are picked up by the insurance company. Most people don’t realize that the Medicare supplement plan F is scheduled to be phased out by 2020 thanks to Obama care, so those of you with that are on a Medicare supplement plan F should think long and hard before you switch because you may not ever be able to get back on this rich of a benefit plan, because the new plans are the same standardized plans as before they just require more cash out of pocket for the Medicare recipient. This is called more skin in the game, and it’s designed to help control costs over time and minimize utilization with the hopes to drive down healthcare costs based on the Obama care planning.

Medigap Hybrid

Medigap HybridThe Medigap hybrid plan is more of a strategy then it is a plan. The Medigap hybrid Of a Medicare supplement plan F high deductible which has low monthly premiums but provides catastrophic and deep rich benefits while combined with a Medigap annuity. The strategy is paid as little as possible each month to the insurance company, put the difference in a Medigap annuity plan and if you need to pay your deductible to take the money out of the annuity to pay for the deductible, however if you have no utilization and can leave the money in the Medigap plan it will gain interest and be yours in the future. This will drive down your overall cost of healthcare if managed correctly.

Government Retirement Program

Government Retirement BenefitsThe government has its own retirement program, and it’s not like the same time it program for the rest of the world it’s a special program that provides deep rich benefitsTo the government retirees at a fraction or no-cost., Which often times could take a little longer than traditional care but for those on these benefits they are very rich benefits that many of Americans would love to have access to.

Military Retirement

Military Retirement ProgramIf you are military, active-duty, National Guard you will receive military benefits the day you retire  no matter how old you are there are benefits available to you through programs like tri-care. You will need to utilize the military or government provided doctors and hospitals as well as providers who take tri-care or other military retirement programs but you should not have to purchase any additional insurance unless you would like to provide your family with indemnity coverage for expenses that are not picked up by the military retirement program like housing, additional living expenses in the case of a surgical or medicalNeed outside of your hometown Household duties… Expenses that arise when someone gets sick but or not covered by retirement programs.

School District Retirement Benefits

School Teacher Retirement BenefitsEach school district has their own set of retirement benefits that they provide teachers at the point of retirement, so you will want to check with your human resources department to find out exactly what your benefits cover and what exposure you may be left liable for. Often times School District retirement benefits include things like flex plans, Wellness programs, postretirement quality-of-life checkups and more… you may find a gap or two in the school district payment plans which you can probably fill with an indemnity plan or a critical illness plan or an accident plan.

Rail Road Retirement

Railroad Pension and retirement benefitsRailroad retirees have long had some of the best retirement benefits on the planet, many people would love to have a railroad retirement benefit… But they are well deserved with lots of time energy and effort going into the transportation of all the products international with a much higher risk band reward.

N Stage Renal Benefits

N Stage Reneal Failure special Election period for medicare benefitsIn stage renal disease is a trigger for what’s known as a special enrollment period or a SEP, that allows Medicare beneficiaries the ability to change plans without penalty anytime throughout the year regardless if they’re on a Medicare supplement or a Medicare advantage plan.

SSI benefits

SOcial Security Disability Medicare Supplement InsuranceIf you’re on medicare or social security disability, there are several states that offer medicare supplements under 65. NOT ALL STATES offer medicare supplements if you’re on SSI or Disability. Unfortunately, people on SSI may have a hard time finding a Medicare supplement for individuals with disabilities because not every state does provide or require the insurance companies in that state to offerAll the different options, so you may be limited on your choices and it it’s typically very very expensive. In some cases, we have seen the price go down from when you are 64 and on SSI disability to the time that you turn 65 and can qualify for a turning 65 plan

Employer Retiree benefits

Employer Retirement BenefitsMany retirees have had aMany retirees have had the fortune to be with large corporations that provide great employee retiring benefits, But nowadays thanks to Obama care most companies only employee the workforce at 32 hours a week to keep from even providing healthcare let alone extended retirement benefits. Unfortunately, even the big companies have started to reduce their retirement benefitsIn order to control costs and provide a profit. If you are part of a Company that has self-insured, and they handle your post-retirement benefits as well you will need to speak to them directly aboutYour Medicare supplement and Medicare part a and Medicare part B continuity.Provide self-insurance up to age 65 or until you retire, and then provide with a monthly stipend to offset your Medicare supplement so you can start on Medicare and they will pay for your supplement to give you a full benefits plan.

**Which plan is right for you? Please contact your employer or speak with a broker. You can also call the helpline toll-free 1-800-633-4427.

Medicare Supplement Plan Comparison Chart


Medicare Supplement Cost

MEDICARE SUPPLEMENT COSTMost people only look at the monthly expense when determining Medicare supplement cost, however, we advise that you understand the overall cost to own your healthcareAnd make sure that you budget accordingly depending on what planet you purchase. Several of the less expensive plans have higher out-of-pocket exposures when added up overtime Be significantly more than you would pay if you purchased the most robust plan on the market.

Top Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies

Top Insurance Companies

  • Mutual Of Omaha
  • Humana Medicare  Plans
  • Blue Shield Medigap
  • Omaha Insurance Company
  • Colonial Penn Medicare
  • Mutual of Omaha medicare Plan F
  • BCBS Medicare
  • Transamerica Medicare
  • USAA medicare
  • AFLAC -Not sure if they are taking new clients?
  • Aetna Medicare Supplement Plans
  • MetLife
  • Blue Cross Medicare Supplements
  • Oxford
  • State Farm Medicare Supplement
  • Physicians Mutual Supplement
  • Individual Assurance Company
  • Tufts
  • Stonebridge Life Medicare Supplement
  • United World Life
  • Bankers Life Medicare Supplement
  • United of Omaha Medicare Insurance
  • CSI Medicare Supplement
  • Gerber Insurance
  • Central States indemnity
  • United of Omaha
  • Aetna
  • New Era Life
  • IAC
  • Forethought
  • AFLAC (is not writing new business)
  • Allstate Medicare Supplements (vis a brokered plan)
  • PreMera
  • Harvard Pilgrim
  • Philadelphia American
  • Hartford
  • Royal Neighbors

Top 10 ways to save on Medicare SupplementsTop 10 ways to save on Medicare Supplements?

  1. Compare 5-10 plans
  2. Work with a carrier direct agent, as some are only appointed to 1 carrier
  3. Ask a broker to shop for as many quotes as possible
  4. Get a quote from the same carrier that your spouse as and ask for a spousal discount
  5. Change plan benefits downward to get lower monthly premiums, but beware your benefits may go down.
  6. Ask your agent who the new companies in the market are, they typically come in with lower rates.
  7. Switch to a Medigap Hybrid, where you use a Medicare Plan F high deductible and put the rest into a Medigap Annuity which is yours if you don’t use it. Often times the insurance companies who offer Medigap Annuities pay interest on those accounts, amounting to huge savings over time.
  8. Move to a lower premium location, not all states and areas have the same cost. Once state from another could be $100.00 a month.
  9. Get a new quote every year if you are healthy and qualify for a new plan.
  10. Make sure to stay in network, if your plan requires an HMO provider to get benefits. many times out of network doctors or providers will cost you more if it is not an emergency.


What is Medicare?

Medicare Part A

Medicare Part AMedicare covers services (like lab tests, surgeries, and doctor visits) and supplies (like wheelchairs and walkers) considered medically necessary to treat a disease or condition.

Medicare Part B

Medicare Part BMedicare covers services (like lab tests, surgeries, and doctor visits) and supplies (like wheelchairs and walkers) considered medically necessary to treat a disease or condition.

Medicare Part C

Medicare Part CMedicare Advantage is a type of United States health insurance program within Part C of Medicare. … Less often, hearing and wellness benefits not found in Original Medicare are included in a Medicare Advantage plan.

Medicare Part D

Prescription Drug PlanEach Medicare Prescription Drug Plan has its own list of covered drugs (called a formulary). Many Medicare drug plans place drugs into different “tiers” on their formularies. Drugs in each tier have a different cost.

Top Medicare Supplement Re-Insurance Companies

  • Top Reinsurance companiesHanoverRE
  • Mutual of Omaha
  • Cigna
  • SwissRE
  • GenRe

The larger financial organizations that back insurance companies so that they have enough cash reserves as well as ability to pay expenses and called reinsurance companies. These companies are large in cash but lean in people. A re-insurance company may have 100-200 people where a large insurance company may have thousands because the insurance company does all the work, the RE-INSURANCE company is basically an INSURANCE POLICY for insurance companies, so they have fewer customers to serve and do not need as many people to manage the business. There are several types of reinsurance companies from PRIVATE to PUBLIC to just wealthy people who use their money to back insurance companies like Warren Buffet!

Government Policies

Government Medicare PolicyThese plans are governed by the US government and managed with oversight by CMS (Centers For Medicare and Medicare) so all the plan letters provide the same base benefits from carrier to carrier, however, the price may differ!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need a Supplement?

Do I need A supplement to medicare?We believe that a Medicare supplement plan is a good strategic move for your overall financial wellness when it comes to managing your overall long-term costs of ownership for healthcare postretirement.

How do I pay for my insurance?

How Do I pay for Medicare Supplemental plans?Most insurance companies preferred you pay electronic draft so your premiums get collected every month even In the hospital and cannot send a check. Some companies do take credit cards or let you do annual prepayments by check.

How do I pay for my medicare part A and Part B?

How Do I pay for Medicare Part A and Part BYour Medicare Part A and Part B typically come out of your so security check before you even see it your social security check depositThe topic of social security please make sure you get a password from your Social Security office to minimize social security fraud, as people will call the social security department and give them your name and number and ask them to change the address because they’ve moved and the check goes strictly to them and they are able to cash it. It is a huge problem so please seek advice.

Can a family member pay for my insurance?

Who can pay for my insurance?Will allow a family member to pay for their loved one’s insurance, but it has to be noted on the application

Can I pay 1 year at a time?

Some interns companies will actually give a discount if you pay one year in advance, if that does not work for you often times they will take quarterly payments but we’ll prefer electronic funds transfer straight from your bank account monthly.

Changing Medicare Supplement Plans?

When can I change my Medicare Supplement?

When Can I change my medicare insurance?If you are on a Medicare supplement plan and are healthy you can apply for a different medicare company and or a different plan with the same company. Are going to increase or you’re changing insurance companies you will be subject to medical underwriting, and as long as you’re approved you should be able to switch plans any time of the year.

What is the Annual Election Period for a Medicare Advantage?

When is the annual election period for medicare advantageThe annual election. To switch from one Medicare advantage plan to another and Medicare advantage plan is typically November 15 to December 7 of theYour prior to the change, with the effective date starting January 1 in most cases.

If I move can I change plans?

If I move can I change plans?If you move to a different county or state you may trigger a special election. That allows you to change plans without medical underwriting, speak with an advisor are your local Medicare advantage or Medicare supplement agent for details

If I get ill can I change plans?

If I get diabetes can I change my medicare plan?If you have You may qualify for a special election. That will allow you to change plans or plan types you will need to discuss this with your Insurance agent or insurance company.

Special Election Periods for Medicare

  • If you move to a new address outside of your current service area or out of state
  • If you move to a service area or the plant options are different than the service area that you are in
  • If you have recently moved back into the United States after living abroad
  • If you have been recently released from jail
  • If you lose your Medicaid coverage
  • If a provider stops servicing your area or quits selling that plan type in your area
  • If your drug coverage plan goes out of business
  • If you have dropped your coverage in a eldercare or pace program
  • If you qualify for a state pharmaceutical association or assistance program
  • If you have chronic care or special-needs
  • If you’ve enrolled in an S in P special needs plan and no longer have the condition that qualifies as a special need
  • If you were misled when you changed your current plan by the insurance agent or company

See there are several instances where the special election. May kick in so please speak to a certified or professional advisor for more details.

Additional Retirement benefits not included with your Medicare Supplement.

Dental Insurance plan?

Senior Dental InsuranceTypically dental insurance is not included with your Medicare supplement plan it is something that you will purchase standalone from a private insurance company or in conjunction with other wellness benefits. If you have a surgical need that impacts your health and wellness that may be covered under MedicareSo check with your provider and/or Medicare for details.

Vision plan?

Medicare Vision InsuranceTypically a part of a Medicare supplement plan, you will want to buy a stand-alone vision plan to supplement or go along with your post-retirement benefits however if it’s a surgical need that provides or could cause medical problems it might be covered so check with Medicare first

Medicare Advantage Gap

Medicare Advantage Gap PlansMany people take the Medicare advantage planStrategic65 because it has a very low monthly premium and then purchase a Medicare advantage gap plan to cover the gaps in the Medicare advantage plan, making this a very strong Strategy for those that  are trying to minimize their overall cost of ownership for healthcare after retirement. It’s not what you make after retirement it’s what you keep in the Medicare advantage got plan maybe a perfect solution for you.

Highest Rated Medicare Supplement Plans

Highest Rates Medicare Supplement CompanyThe highest rated Medicare supplement plans are the ones that are consumers Telus that provide the best customer service and provide low monthly premiums above is a list of all the carriers that we believeProvide B+ or better ratings and quality customer service. There are a few companies that stand out from an agent’s perspective and they are:


  • Individual Assurance Company
  • New Era Life Insurance Company
  • Mutual Of Omaha
  • Cigna
  • Humana


Medicare Supplement Plan Ratings

Medicare Supplement Plan RatingsRatings for plans are based on a total overall out-of-pocket expenses and that would make the Medicare supplement plan F the highest rated plan for the richest benefits.

If you are reading the plans on Carriers that offer national coverage while there are other carriers that have better networks and coverage regionally but may not offer as large of a footprint.

There is also a government rating based on stars that carriers now content with and it is consumer satisfaction driven.

So plan ratings are a subjective based on how you measure them so you may want to discuss this with a professional you may also want to askFriends and family to see how their plans work for them in your area.

Best Medicare Supplement Agents

Best Medicare AgentThere are some qualities to look for when speaking to a Medicare supplement agent and those are:

  • How many companies do you represent? This is important so you know you’re getting a mixture of plans and are not only being offered one company that might pay the agent more.
  • Are they local or what type of service do they provide?That an agent who does this full time working in all 50 states may have better customer service and a team to help you when you need help -vs- a local agent that does car insurance and home insurance too. So ask how many lines of insurance this might be a good indication of how much energy he focuses on Medicare


Top Medicare Supplement States

55.4 Million people are on Medicare in the US! Here are the states with the highest population of Medicare recipients!

Texas Medicare Supplement California Medicare Supplement Florida Medicare Supplement
 Illinois  Colorado  Pennsylvania
 Arizona  New york Delware
 Georgia  Indiana  Massachusetts
 New Jersey  Ohio  Virginia